Epic Fail

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oh well umm, look i know i know i was doing So well but then opened for business again.

Shall we try again next month, i will be posting to mt h2g2 journal too, so no photos this time, which is a bit scary.

enjoy the rest of your month.


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i’m still not here, sorry umm here have a random picture to make up for it, normal service resumes tomorrow!

I’m not here

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no really i’m not this is an autopost.

Where I am is at Scout Camp, playing with computers, probably exhausted and craving a cup of tea!

Normal service shall resume Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Off on an adventure

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Okay so I have found all my kit, realised yet again that it doesn’t all fit in my bag and that I do in fact have to ask Santa for a decent giant rucksack for christmas. What i haven’t done yet is go shopping for snacks and other essentials, or written the auto-posts for the weekend. I also haven’t decided if I’m taking my phone on camp or not, although i probably wont as my new SIM won’t work in the dinophone and I’m not taking my shinyphone to camp after what happened last time.

hat, scarf, gloves, cosy clothes, sleeping bag, roll mat, blanket, waterproofs, torch, hiking boots and probably something that could at a stretch be used as a kitchen sink are all packed and ready to go.

I’m not contemplating the chest infection that almost always follows camp, hopefully I will manage to avoid the inhaling half a campfire that usually causes it.


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Okay since Moving day (Monday October 3rd) of h2g2 to it’s temporary holding pen at noesis things have been a little frantic for me, hence the very short posts usually sent at odd times of the day. I have been very busy testing and helping and learning and teaching with the backstage tools that will allow me to take an active and important role in the community.

Everyone who has been helping has done lots of hard work, none moreso than the tech team, who have had to hunt out and squash all the bug in the software. We are getting there, the progress bar on the holding page is 7/8ths full and from what I have heard there are a lot less big scary bugs in the system.

I am sure that when I return from my weekend at scout camp that individuals will be moving back into the site in it’s new home. And then there will be lots of work for the new teams.

It will be fun to see how we can evolve the site over the next few months and years. I hope you can consider joining us at


Wordless Wednesday

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item. – my head hurts. I don’t want it to hurt anymore.
item. – i need to get on with uni work and other stuffs
item. – i need to remember and update here.

a large amount of catching up

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so I’m back, and I am actually home this time. The last 2 post having been written on my phone over the weekend and whisked off into the ether whenever I had a decent connection. Anyway I’m back now and ready for another week of posting (i need to update the nablopomo site don’t I)

so the plans for this week are

play guitar for about 40-60 minutes daily

get on with some uni work

Finish filling out my GTTR form (Graduate Teacher Training Registry)

pack for Scout-Camp

go on Scout Camp

Spend some time with S

Finish filling out various assorted paperwork that is getting overdue.

oh and Post to blog!


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So as i may have mentioned, tomorrow is my mums birthday. I was glad to be with my family today to celebrate this. A couple of hours where we all sat and enjoyed a meal together, it was very pleasant. And now i am slowly making my way back to dundee, civilisation and my S. A more full and thorough report of the weekend shall be forthcoming but not until im at my computer with some tea and i have had a cuddle from S.

away we go!

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Well my mum has a birthday on Monday, so I’m off to the land the internet forgot for the weekend. it is unlikely i will be able to post while there, so lets all just hope i make it back on Sunday in time to put something here.

oh and how is everyone enjoying these everyday posts?

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