On travel

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So it would appear that I’m off to meet up with some of my favourite internet weirdos again this spring.

Independent travel is something I have never been comfortable with. Yes I can happily and easily get the train from Dundee to Glasgow or Edinburgh on my own, and even catch a connecting train once I’m there, but that is only because I have done those journeys before and with help. One of the scariest prospects for me is losing the group that I’m travelling with, if this happens I stop right where I am and wait for them to find me. I don’t remember ever having been taught to do this, I think for me it is some sort of instinctive reaction.

Don’t get me wrong I love travelling, but new places and getting around in new places kinda scares me. I know that in new places especially I should actually *use* my white cane, but it rarely makes it out of my rucksack, if it is even in there.

I think my reluctance to admit my vision problems stems from my stubborn nature, and from the fact that when I do admit my vision problems I occasionally get treated as a bit of an idiot, a lower class citizen if you will. People assume that because I’m technically blind that I shouldn’t be travelling alone, or that I need looking after. Whereas if I don’t admit to my disability, I get treated normally, but (probably) get funny looks for squinting very closely at things.

So I have decide that in May in London I will be using my white cane and my favourite bunch of internet weirdos can feel free to tell me off if I don’t (you read the blog, I know who you are)


On Scouting

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Tomorrow is February 22nd, an important day in Scouting History. It is Founders day. Lord Baden Powell celebrated his birthday on this day and so Scouting continues to celebrate his birthday and that of Lady Baden Powell who founded the Guiding association.

When were were schoolchildren my friends and I would turn up on the 22nd in our Brownie or Cub uniforms. I Might take it upon myself to wear my Scouts neckerchief or maybe even my camp blanket to university. And I would probably get some funny looks.

It wouldn’t bother me though, I am proud to be part of the worldwide Scouting and Guiding family, I love giving back to something I loved as a child, and I love making new friends and trying new adventures, and watching my Cubs and Scouts do the same. Almost every country worldwide has some form of Scout movement. I’m sure most of my readers will have been a member of Scouting or guiding at some point in their lives.

Why not leave me a comment telling me what you enjoyed, and et’s all share memories of happy Scouting times.

On romance

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So yesterday was St. Valentines Day, and S and I managed to at least exchange presents and cards. I had handmade a felt card for S and got him a board game called Dingbats, I also randomly bought him a tiny plushy mouse. In return I got a Hello Kitty laptop bag and season one of Glee on DVD, and an Easter egg with a Glee mug. Hopefully we will have time for a nice meal out together soon

On Spring Cleaning (again)

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So I managed it, I found my desk! look!

I Know there is still random stuff that doesn’t need to be on my desk, but you have to admit there IS a lot less of it!

Oh yeah Happy valentines for tomorrow

On Spring cleaning

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So today I have had some time to myself and have been trying to use it productively. I decided my bedroom was in serious need of some Spring Cleaning, I still have Christmas presents to find homes for (and others still to deliver) and my wardrobe is in SERIOUS need of downsizing.

So far I have managed to reclaim my floor but as a result my desk looks like this messy desksorry the photo is fuzzy, the camera on my phone dislikes me.

My next task is to (try) and get it to a stage where I can sit both my laptop and my printer on the desk and still have space for the odds and ends I accumulate (hair bobbles, glasses, loose change etc) and for a stack of post-its and a couple of pens.

It might take a few tries, but I’m game. Will post pictures if my venture is fruitful.

On happy days

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So my sister is now married. I am still coming to terms with the whole idea, but it was a lovely day.

Once i get sent some pictures (my phone ran out of battery before breakfast that day) I will try and figure out how to get them here.