On second chances (and third ones too)

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You may remember my lamentations on the merits of Sociology and the enforced study thereof, my frustration with exams and essays etcetera.

Well it eventually transpired that I did in fact fail my resits, by reasonably small margins, this worried me as without the modules in question I cannot progress to third year of my degree. I spent the majority of last week worrying and waiting for the decision from the progression board, so today i decided to check my university emails and my student records. Lo and behold nestling amongst emails about scouting and some spam, there was a lone email to inform me of the fact that I have been offered reassessment in 2 modules. I dutifully downloaded the essay questions, and have decided that I may have to spend a considerable amount of time in the university library in the near future. I will attempt t complete my funding application today and then tomorrow I shall in fact go and look for the books.

I haven’t decided how I feel about being thrown this one last lifeline yet, it is a relief as I believed I would have to complete the modules in question during the first semester of next year, and then do nothing until the following September. And I would have had to pay for the privilege too. It means a lot of work over the summer. I may not be able to do much of my volunteering, but it gives me a fighting chance to make it to the next stage at the same time as everybody else.

The hand in deadlines are however during the period when I was planning on doing some sofa surfing due to having no fixed abode for a month and a half, but I’m sure I can squeeze in a weekend away or two during the next two months.


On apologies

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Drat and botheration it seems i have been neglecting you my poor readers for quite some time. Okay so i dont have many readers, but you get the idea. So my exams are done and most of the results are in, most of them seem to look okay, but the official results are yet to appear. I am a year older than when i wrote here last which is part of the reasoning behind my prolonged absence, that and a distinct lack of internet chez moi. Its almost time for me to up sticks and move out of my current flat, i need to find work, sort out benifits and the ongoing phone fiasco. Toniight is the first time in a week i have even had a glimpse of internet and this is being posted from my tiny smartphone. If university and life came with report cards, i think mine would read “Could do better” which is probably very true. I will try not to leave it so long next time between posts. And now im off to read everything you have all been up to.