On changing the clocks

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Since the clocks changed at the weekend I have been having very late nights. I’m not sure if this is because of merely the clock change, nor because of getting engrossed in reading blogs, playing games and mainly twatting about on t’internets. I have been a little up and down emotionally the past few days but i think it was mostly hormonal and seems to have calmed down now, which is good.

The Gangshow starts performance week on Monday next. I was given another singing solo at the rehearsal on Sunday. I was rather pleased even if it was somewhat unexpected.

The university term is drawing to an end and revision classes to round up topics that have been covered are commencing this week. We have already had one for Research Methods. I suppose I should get my revision head into gear. April brings exams, and also May. I have my two april eexams, and three in May although two of those are my resit exams from last semester.

It is all go at the moment. hence the slight lack of continuing bloggyness. I do *mean* to update the blog honest. I must try harder. But maybe once the exams are done.


On happy thoughts

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So S and I have been flat hunting for the past few weeks for somewhere to rent come July and yesterday we found one that we are more than happy with. So this morning we got up early and went and paid the first part of the deposit.

Apparently I have to not get too far ahead of myself and start packing or doing anything silly like making lists of stuff we might need, will need and definitely need for the flat or heaven forbid actually buy anything in advance. This is mostly because it’s only march (nearly April) and we wont get into the flat until August which is 5 months from now.

I am excited to be starting a new chapter in out lives together though. Hopefully it will be a fun one.

Oh and if you are wondering the flat is Beautiful, and close to everything. It even has a dining table!

On performing

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So the performance dates for the Dundee Scout Gangshow are fast approaching. I’m still not sure how I feel about being on-stage again after almost 4 years (I can’t believe it has been that long) especially as it feels as though we have barely rehearsed at all. Yes 7.45-9.30 pm most Sunday evenings since November, but there is just so much stuff in the show. Sitting and listening to the CD with all of the music for the show on it and even I with my stupidly good music memory am having trouble remembering all the words. My friends in the Aberdeen Gangshow rehearse for 4 hours each week, and actually have the songs being sung on their CD’s as opposed to just the music (hmm helpful guys)!!

This Sunday will be the real test of the show as we are doing a full run through with no scripts or songbooks. (another of my quibbles, either let me learn it by listening, or give me the score! not just the words!) and hopefully it will be almost ready for the 4th April. The show is running from the 4th-9th April and there are still plenty of tickets left. Come and see what will hopefully be a good gang show.

the link for tickets.

On disasters

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My thought go out to all affected in Japan.

There are no words I can say to make it better. All I can do is donate to

and advise anyone who wants to help to also donate to this or any other disaster relief charity.

On Volunteering

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I have done a lot of volunteering in my life. I started it all when I turned 14 and became a Young Leader in a Brownie pack, I continued in this role for almost 4 years, only stopping because I moved away from home. I was also a Volunteer sports coach and I ran a club for younger children my final year of Secondary School.

A year after leaving school I began volunteering again, I found a Scout group and began helping out with Cubs for almost a year, I also helped out a LOT at church with the stage setup and packdown and also on the Welcome team.

Then I moved again, found another Scout group within a year and also a Red cross shop.

So why with all this experience do I seriously struggle to find paid employment, Why is volunteering seen as pointless by employers. Shouldn’t doing something for the love of doing it rather than for money show that a prospective employee has Skilz and Passion?

I really love volunteering, but I must have racked up hundreds of hours worth over the last 8 years. Surely that is worth something in the workplace?