Night out

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So im drunk im a student it happens!


On being organised

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this whole being a responsible adult thing sneaks up on you, when you first move away from home you only really have to worry about paying for food, as you are living in student accommodation which provides light, heat and hot and cold running electricity. and then you move into a shared flat, so you divide all the bills between you and someone takes responsibility for each. Now however it is just the two of you and things like gas bills, internet, tv licence and council tax need worried about, never mind rent or food bills.

Needless to say tomorrow is official sort financial stuff out day, and possible shout at SAAS day too if they ever answer their phones!

playing guitar.

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I have always been of the somewhat musical persuasion. I carry a tune quite well heck I (eventually) passed higher music.

One problem with music is that I don’t really play an instrument. about umm 3 years ago my big sister gave me a very old somewhat usable guitar. so i brought it to university and tried to learn. I quickly realised that the instrument in question was dammn near impossible to tune, so eventually I sort of gave up.

until recently that is. You see i got a shiny new guitar for christmas, great, but i didn’t really know anyone willing to teach me, which was not so great.

a few weeks ago S asked if I was still interested in learning to play, I told him that I was, and he gave my number to a friend of his who wants to teach.

Tonight i had my first lesson, now my fingertips ache and i have a large amount of dislike for the G chord (cause it’s awkward) but i think this time maybe I’m in with a chance of actually learning to play a song or two, which is the object of the exercise really.

Hangover (or I’m never drinking again)

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Everyone has done it at least one, they have proclaimed to the world “I’m never drinking again!”
Right now it is 8.55am, on a Tuesday morning, I haven’t slept and suspect I’m still inebriated.
I’m regretting the amount of intoxicating substances I consumed last night, but I’m not going to make any rash claims of promises that I don’t intend to keep.
in fact I rather enjoyed last night. Just remind me not to do it again in a hurry.

moving day

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No no not for me, but today is a big moving day for my very favouritest website. You may remember I posted earlier this year about what h2g2 means to me. Well the BBC sold the site to the joint bidders of Robbie Stamp, Noesis systems and The H2G2 Community Consortium. and today they sent the site out to it’s new home. of course the site is still travelling through the galaxy, and with any luck it should all be in place and ready to use by the weekend.


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I love books and reading. I have done since I finally learned to read aged 7. Recently I have been listening to audiobooks as I can do other things at the same time such as wash the dishes, cook dinner, or surf the internet.

I have however bought myself some new papaer books, four for now, all by Markus Zusac. I have read the Book Theif, but my copy has wandered off into the ether, so when I saw it at a reduced price on Amazon I had to have another copy. I also bought Fighting Reuben Wolfe, I am the Messenger, and Getting the Girl. which all look good.

I have also pre-ordered some books, Snuff, the new Terry Pratchett book. and Rouge by Trudi Canavan. I have also pre-ordered Inheritence by Christopher Paolini. I’m looking forward to having lots of new reading material to get thoroughly lost in.


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made enchiladas for the first time this evening, they were dammn tasty too! S even enjoyed them and he isn’t usually a fan of new. Also goats cheese makes dammn good cheese sauce, just saying!

Getting ready!

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Oooh look it’s the end of September. Oh no, that means it’s time for NaBloPoMo so I have to do one post per day, every day for the next month. 30 Days, 30 posts and lots of insanity.

The think being that I have a scout camp in the middle of october, and I’m not organised at the best of times, but I shall in fact give it a go.

this could be . . . interesting, but bear with me.

Forward planning

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Where did the week go? All of a sudden it is Friday and my first week back at uni is over, and how was it?

Actually it was really really good. I only got slightly lost in the uni once (the room numbering is interesting in places) All of my lecturers gave me slides without any protest. And I made it to all of my classes. As first weeks go for me at least it was really really good.

S and I both had the day free today, so we went on a mini adventure to Arbroath (as you do) and got ourselves nicely lost, but we did enjoy ourselves and eventually found our way back to the train station. We found a lovely park with a pond and ducks and swans and seagulls. I decided the fact that there were three TINY baby ducks meant that I of course had to feed them half of my hot-dog roll. I don’t think they minded the ketchup.

So the plan for next week is that I will continue to attend all my lectures. I have been invited to attend a recruitment evening with one of my favourite companies on Monday (squee)

I have FINALLY received some money from SAAS although they won’t give me my full entitlement until I prove that S and I live together.

Salvation however came from a backdated payment of my DLA earlier this week, which means I have enough money to tide me through until SAAS stop playing silly beggers and give me some money.

So all is still good in the land of Mouse, and if anyone has some spare good luck please send it my way on Monday in the hope that I get one of the temporary jobs available at the recruitment evening.

Once more into the breach

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That’s it, I’m officially a 3rd year Psychology student!

I have actually had a pretty amazing first day back, firstly one of our lecturers decided that since the introductory session is only an hour long, we could turn up at 10am instead of 9am. Secondly so far (and I know it has only been two lectures) i haven’t had to argue with anybody about getting the slides for the class. In fact I haven’t even had to ask for them as I normally would. Lecturer1 gave them to me before I got round to getting out of my seat to go get them, and lecturer2 left them at the psychology reception desk for me to collect.

This is an amazing turn around. In my first year I had to practically beg for the lecture slides, I had to make a fuss and complain loudly and publicly. But this year, so far so good.

We are also bac into the scouting season, Lots of exciting thins planned, like next week we are practising some backwoods cooking. and in October we have the Jamboree On The Internet, which is always good fun. I have also applied to attend the biggest scouting event in Scotland The Blair Atholl Jamborette which doesn’t actually take place until next summer. I have taken on the pack administrator role in my Cub-Scout group, so I am now the one who has to be organised with printing out forms and getting information to parents etc. This is an important role, and one that I think I will learn lots from.

I am contemplating joining the cast of the Dundee Scout Gangshow again next year as some of my Scout Network friends have said they will join me this time. I did enjoy the onstage portion of last years show, it was just the lack of companionship both in rehearsals and backstage that I found to be somewhat unscouting.

So lost of new stuff happening, and lots to keep me busy too. Oh I’m planning on participating in NaBloPoMo in November, so watch out for lots of randomness as I get my blogging fingers into gear in preparation.

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