On Holidays

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Yes the exams of doom are over and I have the whole summer ahead of me. How do I feel about this, I’m not sure yet.

On the one hand it’s good to have some free time, to enjoy the sunshine when it appears and to walk and cycle for miles just because it’s a nice day. Eating ice-cream (or sorbet in my case) and having barbecues.

On the other hand summer means that my student funding halts for a few months, summer means I must try to find employment, preferably paid in order to stay out of my ever increasing overdraft, summer means stress and sunburn and photosensitive migraines.

Summer also means it’s my birthday soon, and summer means that S and I are edging ever closer to living together. Which reminds me I still have the deposit to pay, the steaming pile of Vodaphone shit to sort out and my PVG form to complete for why yes of course I’m joining in with some more volunteering. I also have various trips to plan ro see various friends and family.

It’s going to be a busy few months, hopefully I can check off some of the items on my to do list sooner rather than later though.


On exams

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So exams of doom eh? Well i appear to have done the first one. It could have been better, but it could also have been much much worse. So now im in the student union relaxing a little before i have exam of doom number two on friday. Not much else to report. Happy towel day!

On Fun

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Well that was an experience! I had enormous amounts of fun at the weekend and it was fantastic to see all my friends from h2g2. Wonderful internet weirdos that they are. London is insane, did you know that in some places they have three layers of trains running over each other, and then a road on top of that! It was certainly an experience.

For once in my life I decided it might be sensible to actually outright admit my vision problems and actually use my white cane. I’m glad I did, London is very busy even in the quieter bits, and I think had the rest of the group not been aware of my vision problems I would have been separated from them very easily. as it was i did not lose them, so all was well.

We explored some of the sights of London on foot and then proceeded to find the rest of the h2g2 researchers in the pub (well where else would you look) and much catching up was done. There was even a Quiz in which myself and a friend won second place (no we are not sure how we managed that, we honestly guessed half the answers) and obtained a book in the process.

It was all jolly good fun, and I even made it home in one piece although slightly sleep deprived.

And then i came back to earth with a large BUMP, my phone, the one I lost in March, had been being used by someone, and this someone had racked up a considerable amount of debt on it. So the police have been informed, the pone company is being useless (as expected) and I am now rather stressed.

Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

On Adventures.

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so tomorrow morning at 11 am I am off on my way to London to meet with some of my friends from h2g2 for a weekend of fun.

The essays were handed in on time, he exams aren’t till the 25th + 27th of this month. I finally have time to relax and have some fun.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, hopefully I will see some of you! 😉

On hope

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The end of the tunnel the light there I can see it! And it’s not a train. This is good news. On Monday may 9th I will hand in the four essays of doom and will be one step closer to finishing this academic year.

The past few weeks have been very unproductive what with travelling across the country and back and then having guests what needed entertaining and so on.

So it was with a good dose of worry that I started writing in earnest on Tuesday. But somehow magically I am almost halfway there. One of the essays is essentially done and another is slowly getting there (I gave up and restarted it this morning and am past my previous word-count) so I am fairly pleased with my progress so far. Now i have two and a half essays to do before Monday 4pm I’m taking a couple of hours off for my Scouting commitments this evening and then I’m going to get my head down and get on with it.