Off on an adventure

Posted in Uncategorized by minichessemouse on October 14, 2011

Okay so I have found all my kit, realised yet again that it doesn’t all fit in my bag and that I do in fact have to ask Santa for a decent giant rucksack for christmas. What i haven’t done yet is go shopping for snacks and other essentials, or written the auto-posts for the weekend. I also haven’t decided if I’m taking my phone on camp or not, although i probably wont as my new SIM won’t work in the dinophone and I’m not taking my shinyphone to camp after what happened last time.

hat, scarf, gloves, cosy clothes, sleeping bag, roll mat, blanket, waterproofs, torch, hiking boots and probably something that could at a stretch be used as a kitchen sink are all packed and ready to go.

I’m not contemplating the chest infection that almost always follows camp, hopefully I will manage to avoid the inhaling half a campfire that usually causes it.


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  1. Mags said,

    I love inhaling campfire, and the lovely wood smoke smell on my clothes. But then I’m daft.

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