On Adventuring

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I’m now firmly into my summer adventure. I am still at my first adopted home and there Is a birthday today, a 13th birthday. I have been taking various photos today in order to make a record of my summer adventures. I plan on writing a poem or song, and setting it to music, but all in the fullness of time.

I’m away to Manchester tomorrow, an in-between point for where I am now, and where I will be next. My poor shinymac is in need of a visit to the computer doctors, and so The apple store shall be visited.

I am having fun so far, but I am rather missing my S, and it will be the 29th before I see him again.


On moving

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I hate moving, well I hate that the current move has up to this point all been done on foot.

Now just stop and think about that, all my possessions so far have been walked the mile and a half from my current flat, to Temporary Storage Area A that included a bookshelf, and some very hefty holdalls as well as numerous boxes and bags.

So tomorrow the final pile of stuff will be riding in a taxi, because S and I really can’t be bothered carrying stuff any longer.

In preparation for the final pile of stuff moving, and the handing in of the keys, I spent much of yesterday cleaning, and defrosting the freezer. I now hold a deep dislike for freezers as it took around 4 hours to successfully remove all the ice into a large plastic bucket. Four hours of attacking said ice with a plastic picnic spoon, not daring to use anything sharper of hardier in case I somehow broke the freezer. My favourite moment being when the inch and a half thickness of ice that had been the top of the freezer finally fell in one piece removing what remained of the ice sheets on the walls with it. I had to break that one to get it in the bucket!

I also had to move and hoover under all of my bedroom furniture, Now as my bedroom isn’t big enough to swing a cat in, this required me to move ALL of my furniture out of my room (no seriously) So after spending around 30 minutes moving the offending furniture out (apart from half the bed) I had to hoover, not just the floor, but the skirting boards, then I spent another 30 minutes moving all the furniture back in. I am glad to say that as far as I am concerned, my room is now done, and I should have no need to go back in there!

I do however still have to move a very large, heavy box full of papery things, my duvet and pillows, a plastic box of odds and ends, a few bags of assorted stuff, oh and the rest of the bookshelf.

And it all needs moved tomorrow, as the keys get handed back on Tuesday morning.

Wish me luck!


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Yes this indeed my 42n’t posting here on this bloggy thing.

And yes I am still hopeless at it.

I’m not charming and witty, I cannot tell you cute baby stories or have you rolling around the floor amidst gales of laughter at my latest antics.

But I’m here, and for mow, that will need to be enough.

Now if you will excuse me I’m going to sit and look forlornly at the mountain of stuff that needs to be moved to Temporary Storage Area A within the next week, And look at my walls all bare without my posters and other detritus.

I’m probably not going to be around much for a while. So enjoy what is left of the summer.

On being rather busy

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So yea verily h2g2 which you may have head about a few months ago has now been saved, and this means lots of work by a hive of volunteers of which I am one.

i also have my resit essays to do by the beginning of August, although mid July would be preferable as getting them done by then would mean I have time for travel.

oh yes and packing to move, and making presents for those who have birthdays and sorting out funds and benifits.

I am very busy, is it just me who finds that the more I have to get done, the less I actually do?

Oh well I had best stop wandering aimlessly round the internet and get on with something.