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I have had several opportunities lately to further my knowledge on the subject of small children. I have now properly met my niece (who is a very cute baby) and today I got to hang out with a friends 2 year old daughter, who seemed to like me. In the new year I will get to meet the 3 year old son of another friend (and her 6 and 11 year old girls) for a long weekend.

All there small children are making me feel somewhat broody (which I thought didn’t generally happen till you were at least 30) .

I don’t know if I’m as ‘ready’ as I could be though. My friend today told me I will make a great mum when the time comes (which made me smile) Plus kids are cute and fun and silly, okay sometimes they can be little terrors, but mostly they seem to get along okay with me.


exams and xmas

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Sorry I have been away for a while. I have now had my evil sociology exam and have finished (i think) my Christmas shopping. Most things are even wrapped and ready to go. As I type there are two loads of my washing taking up room on the drying rack thingy. I made cake tonight for S tomorrow is the last day we will get together before I head home on Saturday.

Oh yes about that, my parents live in the land that the internet forgot, and seeing as I still can’t seem to blog from my phone I may be absent for a couple of weeks. Don’t despair I should be back before the new year.


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Oh dear Dundee would still appear to be nder around a foot of snow in some places. Well I say snow, but mostly it has been turned to grey mush by the passage of feet and by grit, or salt or whatever it is. Grey mush is fine if it stays in place when you stand on it and when it isn’t so deep it comes up over the tops of your nice green Doc Martins. Unfortunatly this is not the case in some places, I’m gad I had the common sense to stop wearing Jeans on about day 3 of the snow and instead switch to tights and skirts, or leggings and skirts or anything else that would keep me warm and not drag in the snow. Unfortunatly all my skirts (all five of them) are somewhat summery, so my legs have been somewhat chilly. To combat this I found some nice grey tights in Primark. So have spent the past few days looking thoroughly ridiculous! Plus I’m really not used to looking like a girl, it doesn’t happen often and so I’m not particularly good at it.