On what h2g2 means to me

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Many have tweeted, blogged and facebooked on this topic already, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring too.

I checked last night and I have been a member of h2g2 since 17th April 2007, nearly four years. I know for some that makes me sound like a relative newbie, but I think the fact that I have stuck with the site longer than anything else is testament to the brilliance of the place.

Take if you will a second to think about that word, brilliance. It literally means bright and shining, and yes I did mean it like that. h2g2 is bright both intellectually and in a warm fuzzy community glowy sense also.

I cannot as some can claim to have met the love of my life there, in fact he refuses to even join in despite having his own account, he doesn’t see the appeal of the place. I can however claim to have made lasting friendships, to have travelled to London (no mean feat for a visually impaired student with a fear of crowds) to meet some of my friends in person.

I have laughed out loud and side splittingly more than once, I have also mourned the loss of friends and helped others through grief, In my role as an Assistant Community Editor I have welcomed new members to the site and made them feel at home. I have written for the Edited Guide as well as contributing poetry to The Post h2g2’s own online newspaper. I also briefly helped pick entries for the UnderGuide, h2g2’s fiction section.

I think most established researchers will recognise my name by now and if they don’t then I blame 2legs, I also give him a hug too though, as actually he is a nice guy and without hootoo I wouldn’t know of him and his insanity.

So if you are interested in intellectual discussion, good factual and fictional writing and community and friendship why not come and see what it is like before the BBC sell it off to who knows what future.


On the ‘disposal’ of h2g2

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The BBC announced earlier this week that they are cutting their online budget by 25% and as such need to close several of it’s community messageboards for example 606 the sports chat site. One site which has escaped closure is h2g2 brainchild of the late Douglas Adams. As h2g2 existed prior to the BBC takeover in January 2001 the site is to be ‘disposed of’. Nick Reynolds head of BBc online was the unfortunate member of staff who had to break the news to the community, He commented that the community as a whole had taken the news onboard in a very adult and considered manner.

A community consortium has been set up and is considering the future of the site, it is not yet known who any prospective buyers of the site may be but the community holds a mostly positive attitude about it’s future, even runningĀ  a #saveh2g2 campaign on twitter.

On Organisation

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This week I am trying to be more organised, I have been making lists of Stuff Wot Needs Done and everything, This means that I have in fact gotten some stuff done.

I sorted out my UCAS form, Booked buses to get to my Sister’s wedding (eek it’s next week), I made a hair appointment and probably most important of all My flatmates and I had a chat and sorted stuff out.

S finished his coursework today and seems somewhat relieved about having a somewhat shorter list of Stuff Wot Needs Done.

I think I will keep up the Lists thing as it seems to work, three things (even if they have subheadings) that need sorted each day seems about the right number. Let’s see how Long I can keep this up for.

(edit- apologies about the capitalisation of random letters, it’s been one of those days)

On shopping

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Shopping can be a pleasure or a pain depending on the results of your labour. On Saturday past I ventured out with the purpose of buying some jeans that fit, and a new rucksack. Now jeans that fit are I know all too well, hard to come by. I tried my usual trick of walking to TK Maxx which was a pointless venture as they do not seem to have restocked since Christmas and as such they had vast areas of empty clothes-rails. I had a look at some of the ‘clearance’ jackets and laughed at the prices and then wandered to Matalan (well it was worth a shot) yet again, nothing was to be found.

so i ventured back into the town. A rucksack, I pondered to myself, where I could get one. Not anywhere like Primark or New Look, not Claire’s accessories or TJ Hughes. maybe Free spirit, but that place is expensive, turned out they didn’t have any anyway. I don’t want a boring sports bransded one either. I own lots of cross the body on your shoulder bags even some very expensive designer ones from aunts who think I like that sort of thing, but I quite like my spine where it is thankyou and am more comfortable with a rucksack, backpack or whatever else you want to call it. Further more I want to be able to fit my laptop in it. I really should give up looking and buy one online, but how do I know it’s big enough?

I did end up buying a summery dress in the New Look sale and some underwear in Primark. No bags, no jackers and no jeans were to be found at reasonable prices or in my size/style anywhere in Dundee.

Happy new year (for some)

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Well we are now a week into the new year and already so much has happened. I have fallen behind with my university coursework which is due tomorrow afternoon, I haven’t blogged here since before christmas, I have visited with my boyfriends family and returned to Dundee alone (going back Tuesday though). Apologies for the gap in the blog, I will patch it up soon.

Oh and i finally worked out how to add you all to my blogroll, so if you aren’t there and would like to be then leave me a comment below and I will see to it soonish.