A new family member

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So I would appear to be an aunt! My older sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 29th November 2010 at around 3pm.

I had an adventure getting to the hospital to see them both, you see I am currently living in Dundee and they were in the hospital in Paisley, oh yes and most of Scotland is currently in the grips of one of the worst snowstorms I have ever seen, delayed trains, no buses, road traffic grinding to a halt. This is how I imagine the winter is in Russia or Canada or Finnland. I spent the night in glasgow on a friends sofa as I couldn’t get to Paisley and I couldn’t get back home either. Luckily I arrived at the hospital in time to see the new arrival, she was less than 2 hours old! Beautiful.

Her name is Lucia Phoenix and she was 7 pounds 10 ounces.



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Oh dear I would appear to have broken my sleep pattern again. Every so often my body demands that I become a night owl, I have always been nocturnally inclined, but force myself to keep a slightly more human sleep schedule for the majority of the time. Maybe it’s stress or something. S however is fast asleep and lots warmer than sitting here in my pyjamas.

skype and studying

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I have a lab report due on Thursday. Usually I would have started it by now, but i just haven’t gotten round to it yet, and I likely won’t till Wednesday as I am off to Glasgow tomorrow for my six monthly poking and prodding at the hospital. Oh dear I am a disorganised mouse.


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It seems I can’t figure out how to blog from my phone. My flat was without internet last time I was up here so I couldn’t use my laptop, and S complains if I log myself into everything on his computer. So I apologise for the lack of updates the past two days. Now off to rehearsal and then here, or S’. Hmm left my meds there but i have some here too.

Christmas shopping

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Yes it’s that time of year again, and actually I am prepared for once. In fact I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. I have a few friends still to buy for but the majority of family and close friends presents have either already been bought, or at the very least figured out. I even know who I’m giving a giant rubber duck to. There’s still the cards and wrapping to do, but i can spend most of December relaxed in the knowledge that I won’t have to brave the madness of the shops too often.

Adventures in studying

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I find myself in the university library at 9am on a Thursday wondering what to do with myself for the next two hours, the simple answer being to study. It’s not as simple as all that though, yes i *do* have a class test on Friday (yes tomorrow) and a Research report to write up for this time next week. Studying however is not my strong point, i find myself on facebook, h2g2 and amazon all too readily. If i am going to skip my Sociology lecture then I may as well try to make good use of the time. I would much rather be back in bed!

Hello Kitty

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Why at the age of 22 have i suddenly found myself besotted with a cartoon cat named Hello Kitty?

I was looking around a new shop recently and was excited to discover that they had Hello Kitty towels amongst other things. I also ordered myself a Hello Kitty watch the other day.

I am 22 dammnit, an adult (technically) and I should not be obsessed with cartoon cats! (but she is cute!)

11 months

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Has it really been 11 months since I got together with S? It doesn’t seem that long, but at the same time it feels much longer. We are already trying to plan our future together hopefully complete with Mouselings soon enough.

We didn’t do much to celebrate today. there was some naughty behaviour and homemade food, but apart from that we haven’t done anything special.

I am a very lucky mouse to have found someone who will stand by me through thick and thin.

Let’s begin

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Okay I seem to have a blog again, I used to be on Xanga (aeons ago) but got bored of it. Hopefully i can be a little more productive here.

Now to see who of my friends I can find to follow.

Gone a bit Pear-shaped!

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I give up, no really I do. I am sick and tiered of being sick and tiered, of not knowing if I’m eating for two or not, of needing to constantly have the heating on to keep me at something resembling a human temperature . I’m sick of my flatmates using me as a doormat and I’m sick of both of them anyway for being utter bastards. I’m sick of hardly sleeping and not eating properly. I want to live with Boy. But apparently I’m not allowed to just hide here, I have to fight my own battle on this one and I really can’t be fucked. I just want to curl up in a corner somewhere and die, It would be easier for everyone if I did. although I’m betting the majority of folks probably wouldn’t notice. Sick of being a moody cow to everyone and of having no food in either flat. Sick of feeling like a fucking failure all the time. I mean seriously who goes to THREE different universities to complete one measly little degree. oh yeah that would be me and NOBODY ELSE. I just don’t see the point in my continued existence any more.