On summer

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well it would appear theat summer has arrived early up here in Scotland. I suppose I am lucky living in Dundee the sunniest city in Scotland, but still it it unseasonably warm.

It is not summer yet though, there are daffodills flowering in the parks and blossoms on rhodedendron and cherry trees, but many trees are only just beginn9ng to produce thir new leaves.

I am still at uni too, classes are done for the year, but there are still exams to sit and coursework to hand in. The end is in sight though, glimmering away like a little jewel at the end of May. And then it will be summer, and I will have a birthday.


On getting on with it.

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So the show is done and dusted and I appear to have survived. Not sure if I will do it again, we shall see how I feel about it over the summer. Apparently I surprised a few people with my singing voice, which I think is a good thing, it certainly got compliments.

I managed a very brief trip to the land that the internet forgot, whilst there I collected my dress for the Psychology ball and obtained my dad’s signature on a form I needed.

And so to Exam week. I handed in my last ever (hopefully) thoughts on Psychology essay this afternoon, I have my first exam tomorrow and another on Tuesday.

Apologies in advance if it all goes a bit quiet here, it has gotten to that busy stressful point in the year again. Now I’m off to stare at lecture slides on Blackboard by way of revision.

On putting on the style.

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So here I am halway through the week of the show. I’m surviving, but only just. Have had absolutely nada money recently until today, so have barely eaten this week, been trying to make my meagre provisions last me until today. Today though I have some money, so I can go buy food and replace what i borrowed from my flatmates.

The show is going well so far, well the onstage proportion at least, behind the scenes tensions are getting a bit frayed. Who knew that scouts and leaders could be so ignorant and bitchy. I am beginning to feel somewhat invisible when backstage, which is so not fun. Only 3 more shows to go, then it is all over. And then I get the chance to have a serious think about whether or not I want to put myself through this again next year.

as for now, well the show must go on.

On migraines

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So i am sitting here with the lights off, the brightness of the computer turned down to a minimum and i feel as though someone has attacked my skull with a sledgehammer from the inside. I have a migraine “big deal” i hear you say, but for me migraines ARE a big deal.

Until very recently i suffered migraines very frequently i tried all the drugs, some of them several times and very little seemed to work. for a long time I took cocodamol  a mixture of 500mg of paracetamol with 30mg of codeine and for a while it helped until my body became tolerant and then addicted to it. I have since tried tramadol which gave me hallucinations and two types of triptans which proceeded to do bugger all.

Off to the neurologist I was sent, they stuck me in a CT scanner and found nothing out of place. gave me some gabapentin (an anti seizure drug) to try as a preventative measure. This helped once I was up to their recommended maximum dose of 4 capsules per day (cant remember what strength and would rather not turn the light on to check) but it affected my concentration and co-ordination quite badly. When I had my follow up appointment they told me that “sorry but theres no other routes we can try we will refer you to the pain clinic.” so off i went and duly returned for a visit to the pain clinic ‘acupuncture’ they said and ‘after the new year’ In around August or September if memory serves correctly.

This is April I have a hectic week ahead of me with 6 performances of a show to get through, and all I can take to make the pain go away is two common or garden paracetamol. No ibuprofen because i have asthma and my lungs object to it, no cocodamol because it doesn’t work anymore and even if it did I don’t have any and no anything else because none of it works. Arse! I suppose I shall lay in the dark hoping it buggers off on its own, because if it doesn’t then the technical and dress rehearsals could be interesting and somewhat painful.