A question

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Hello is there anyone out there?

I ask because I need to know if there is any good reason to continue my ramblings here, on any given day I get 2 or 3 hits here so I know *someone* is out there, but none of my posts have earned a comment since May this year, it’s now August almost September 4 months ish. I know that during the summer my posting has been a little erratic due to circumstances but hopefully now that we are mostly settled in our new home complete with hot and cold running internet I should be able to add to my writings here more frequently. But I see no point in continuing if I only have a readership of 2, so if you are out there watching and listening, please comment. I do want to improve my writings, I want to be witty and charming and awesome, What do you want to read about?


Home and dry

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I aten’t dead!

where have I been? well I spent 10 days in Englishland, which were fun, then a couple of days after my return one of my isters phoned to tell me that mum was in hospital with a brain bleed (i can’t spell the proper words)

I still had the majority of the essays of doom to write, so I couldn’t really go visiting until they were done. Unless of course i could prove to the university that mum was ill and in hospital. So for the best part of a week I worried and fretted, got frustrated and nearly gave up at least once (i do this, it’s normal) but i handed in essays that I was reasonably pleased with on time.

It was only at this point  I could finally go see mum, which required a visit to the land that the internet forgot. I saw mum and was reassured that she was ‘going to be okay’ although it will be a while until the pain subsides.

So I had to venture back across the country to sign the lease for the new flat (we are moving in less than 2 weeks) and sort out some other paperwork etc.

Then it was time to venture back across the country to check up on mum and to wish my younger sister a Happy 18th Birthday etc.

Mum was released from hospital on my sister’s birthday which is good. I ventured back across the country the following day and have spent the last few days catching up on sleep and reading the internet. I’m not sure if I’m even nearing being up to date, but at least I know that mum will be okay, my sister had an okay birthday and I have a flat for next year. I still don’t know if I have passed all three of the essays of doom, hopefully I will find out in the next few days.