Forward planning

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Where did the week go? All of a sudden it is Friday and my first week back at uni is over, and how was it?

Actually it was really really good. I only got slightly lost in the uni once (the room numbering is interesting in places) All of my lecturers gave me slides without any protest. And I made it to all of my classes. As first weeks go for me at least it was really really good.

S and I both had the day free today, so we went on a mini adventure to Arbroath (as you do) and got ourselves nicely lost, but we did enjoy ourselves and eventually found our way back to the train station. We found a lovely park with a pond and ducks and swans and seagulls. I decided the fact that there were three TINY baby ducks meant that I of course had to feed them half of my hot-dog roll. I don’t think they minded the ketchup.

So the plan for next week is that I will continue to attend all my lectures. I have been invited to attend a recruitment evening with one of my favourite companies on Monday (squee)

I have FINALLY received some money from SAAS although they won’t give me my full entitlement until I prove that S and I live together.

Salvation however came from a backdated payment of my DLA earlier this week, which means I have enough money to tide me through until SAAS stop playing silly beggers and give me some money.

So all is still good in the land of Mouse, and if anyone has some spare good luck please send it my way on Monday in the hope that I get one of the temporary jobs available at the recruitment evening.


On moving

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I hate moving, well I hate that the current move has up to this point all been done on foot.

Now just stop and think about that, all my possessions so far have been walked the mile and a half from my current flat, to Temporary Storage Area A that included a bookshelf, and some very hefty holdalls as well as numerous boxes and bags.

So tomorrow the final pile of stuff will be riding in a taxi, because S and I really can’t be bothered carrying stuff any longer.

In preparation for the final pile of stuff moving, and the handing in of the keys, I spent much of yesterday cleaning, and defrosting the freezer. I now hold a deep dislike for freezers as it took around 4 hours to successfully remove all the ice into a large plastic bucket. Four hours of attacking said ice with a plastic picnic spoon, not daring to use anything sharper of hardier in case I somehow broke the freezer. My favourite moment being when the inch and a half thickness of ice that had been the top of the freezer finally fell in one piece removing what remained of the ice sheets on the walls with it. I had to break that one to get it in the bucket!

I also had to move and hoover under all of my bedroom furniture, Now as my bedroom isn’t big enough to swing a cat in, this required me to move ALL of my furniture out of my room (no seriously) So after spending around 30 minutes moving the offending furniture out (apart from half the bed) I had to hoover, not just the floor, but the skirting boards, then I spent another 30 minutes moving all the furniture back in. I am glad to say that as far as I am concerned, my room is now done, and I should have no need to go back in there!

I do however still have to move a very large, heavy box full of papery things, my duvet and pillows, a plastic box of odds and ends, a few bags of assorted stuff, oh and the rest of the bookshelf.

And it all needs moved tomorrow, as the keys get handed back on Tuesday morning.

Wish me luck!

On apologies

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Drat and botheration it seems i have been neglecting you my poor readers for quite some time. Okay so i dont have many readers, but you get the idea. So my exams are done and most of the results are in, most of them seem to look okay, but the official results are yet to appear. I am a year older than when i wrote here last which is part of the reasoning behind my prolonged absence, that and a distinct lack of internet chez moi. Its almost time for me to up sticks and move out of my current flat, i need to find work, sort out benifits and the ongoing phone fiasco. Toniight is the first time in a week i have even had a glimpse of internet and this is being posted from my tiny smartphone. If university and life came with report cards, i think mine would read “Could do better” which is probably very true. I will try not to leave it so long next time between posts. And now im off to read everything you have all been up to.

On Holidays

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Yes the exams of doom are over and I have the whole summer ahead of me. How do I feel about this, I’m not sure yet.

On the one hand it’s good to have some free time, to enjoy the sunshine when it appears and to walk and cycle for miles just because it’s a nice day. Eating ice-cream (or sorbet in my case) and having barbecues.

On the other hand summer means that my student funding halts for a few months, summer means I must try to find employment, preferably paid in order to stay out of my ever increasing overdraft, summer means stress and sunburn and photosensitive migraines.

Summer also means it’s my birthday soon, and summer means that S and I are edging ever closer to living together. Which reminds me I still have the deposit to pay, the steaming pile of Vodaphone shit to sort out and my PVG form to complete for why yes of course I’m joining in with some more volunteering. I also have various trips to plan ro see various friends and family.

It’s going to be a busy few months, hopefully I can check off some of the items on my to do list sooner rather than later though.

On hope

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The end of the tunnel the light there I can see it! And it’s not a train. This is good news. On Monday may 9th I will hand in the four essays of doom and will be one step closer to finishing this academic year.

The past few weeks have been very unproductive what with travelling across the country and back and then having guests what needed entertaining and so on.

So it was with a good dose of worry that I started writing in earnest on Tuesday. But somehow magically I am almost halfway there. One of the essays is essentially done and another is slowly getting there (I gave up and restarted it this morning and am past my previous word-count) so I am fairly pleased with my progress so far. Now i have two and a half essays to do before Monday 4pm I’m taking a couple of hours off for my Scouting commitments this evening and then I’m going to get my head down and get on with it.

On getting on with it.

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So the show is done and dusted and I appear to have survived. Not sure if I will do it again, we shall see how I feel about it over the summer. Apparently I surprised a few people with my singing voice, which I think is a good thing, it certainly got compliments.

I managed a very brief trip to the land that the internet forgot, whilst there I collected my dress for the Psychology ball and obtained my dad’s signature on a form I needed.

And so to Exam week. I handed in my last ever (hopefully) thoughts on Psychology essay this afternoon, I have my first exam tomorrow and another on Tuesday.

Apologies in advance if it all goes a bit quiet here, it has gotten to that busy stressful point in the year again. Now I’m off to stare at lecture slides on Blackboard by way of revision.

On Volunteering

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I have done a lot of volunteering in my life. I started it all when I turned 14 and became a Young Leader in a Brownie pack, I continued in this role for almost 4 years, only stopping because I moved away from home. I was also a Volunteer sports coach and I ran a club for younger children my final year of Secondary School.

A year after leaving school I began volunteering again, I found a Scout group and began helping out with Cubs for almost a year, I also helped out a LOT at church with the stage setup and packdown and also on the Welcome team.

Then I moved again, found another Scout group within a year and also a Red cross shop.

So why with all this experience do I seriously struggle to find paid employment, Why is volunteering seen as pointless by employers. Shouldn’t doing something for the love of doing it rather than for money show that a prospective employee has Skilz and Passion?

I really love volunteering, but I must have racked up hundreds of hours worth over the last 8 years. Surely that is worth something in the workplace?