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Yes this indeed my 42n’t posting here on this bloggy thing.

And yes I am still hopeless at it.

I’m not charming and witty, I cannot tell you cute baby stories or have you rolling around the floor amidst gales of laughter at my latest antics.

But I’m here, and for mow, that will need to be enough.

Now if you will excuse me I’m going to sit and look forlornly at the mountain of stuff that needs to be moved to Temporary Storage Area A within the next week, And look at my walls all bare without my posters and other detritus.

I’m probably not going to be around much for a while. So enjoy what is left of the summer.


On summer

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well it would appear theat summer has arrived early up here in Scotland. I suppose I am lucky living in Dundee the sunniest city in Scotland, but still it it unseasonably warm.

It is not summer yet though, there are daffodills flowering in the parks and blossoms on rhodedendron and cherry trees, but many trees are only just beginn9ng to produce thir new leaves.

I am still at uni too, classes are done for the year, but there are still exams to sit and coursework to hand in. The end is in sight though, glimmering away like a little jewel at the end of May. And then it will be summer, and I will have a birthday.

On happy days

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So my sister is now married. I am still coming to terms with the whole idea, but it was a lovely day.

Once i get sent some pictures (my phone ran out of battery before breakfast that day) I will try and figure out how to get them here.

On shopping

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Shopping can be a pleasure or a pain depending on the results of your labour. On Saturday past I ventured out with the purpose of buying some jeans that fit, and a new rucksack. Now jeans that fit are I know all too well, hard to come by. I tried my usual trick of walking to TK Maxx which was a pointless venture as they do not seem to have restocked since Christmas and as such they had vast areas of empty clothes-rails. I had a look at some of the ‘clearance’ jackets and laughed at the prices and then wandered to Matalan (well it was worth a shot) yet again, nothing was to be found.

so i ventured back into the town. A rucksack, I pondered to myself, where I could get one. Not anywhere like Primark or New Look, not Claire’s accessories or TJ Hughes. maybe Free spirit, but that place is expensive, turned out they didn’t have any anyway. I don’t want a boring sports bransded one either. I own lots of cross the body on your shoulder bags even some very expensive designer ones from aunts who think I like that sort of thing, but I quite like my spine where it is thankyou and am more comfortable with a rucksack, backpack or whatever else you want to call it. Further more I want to be able to fit my laptop in it. I really should give up looking and buy one online, but how do I know it’s big enough?

I did end up buying a summery dress in the New Look sale and some underwear in Primark. No bags, no jackers and no jeans were to be found at reasonable prices or in my size/style anywhere in Dundee.

Hello Kitty

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Why at the age of 22 have i suddenly found myself besotted with a cartoon cat named Hello Kitty?

I was looking around a new shop recently and was excited to discover that they had Hello Kitty towels amongst other things. I also ordered myself a Hello Kitty watch the other day.

I am 22 dammnit, an adult (technically) and I should not be obsessed with cartoon cats! (but she is cute!)