Forward planning

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Where did the week go? All of a sudden it is Friday and my first week back at uni is over, and how was it?

Actually it was really really good. I only got slightly lost in the uni once (the room numbering is interesting in places) All of my lecturers gave me slides without any protest. And I made it to all of my classes. As first weeks go for me at least it was really really good.

S and I both had the day free today, so we went on a mini adventure to Arbroath (as you do) and got ourselves nicely lost, but we did enjoy ourselves and eventually found our way back to the train station. We found a lovely park with a pond and ducks and swans and seagulls. I decided the fact that there were three TINY baby ducks meant that I of course had to feed them half of my hot-dog roll. I don’t think they minded the ketchup.

So the plan for next week is that I will continue to attend all my lectures. I have been invited to attend a recruitment evening with one of my favourite companies on Monday (squee)

I have FINALLY received some money from SAAS although they won’t give me my full entitlement until I prove that S and I live together.

Salvation however came from a backdated payment of my DLA earlier this week, which means I have enough money to tide me through until SAAS stop playing silly beggers and give me some money.

So all is still good in the land of Mouse, and if anyone has some spare good luck please send it my way on Monday in the hope that I get one of the temporary jobs available at the recruitment evening.


Once more into the breach

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That’s it, I’m officially a 3rd year Psychology student!

I have actually had a pretty amazing first day back, firstly one of our lecturers decided that since the introductory session is only an hour long, we could turn up at 10am instead of 9am. Secondly so far (and I know it has only been two lectures) i haven’t had to argue with anybody about getting the slides for the class. In fact I haven’t even had to ask for them as I normally would. Lecturer1 gave them to me before I got round to getting out of my seat to go get them, and lecturer2 left them at the psychology reception desk for me to collect.

This is an amazing turn around. In my first year I had to practically beg for the lecture slides, I had to make a fuss and complain loudly and publicly. But this year, so far so good.

We are also bac into the scouting season, Lots of exciting thins planned, like next week we are practising some backwoods cooking. and in October we have the Jamboree On The Internet, which is always good fun. I have also applied to attend the biggest scouting event in Scotland The Blair Atholl Jamborette which doesn’t actually take place until next summer. I have taken on the pack administrator role in my Cub-Scout group, so I am now the one who has to be organised with printing out forms and getting information to parents etc. This is an important role, and one that I think I will learn lots from.

I am contemplating joining the cast of the Dundee Scout Gangshow again next year as some of my Scout Network friends have said they will join me this time. I did enjoy the onstage portion of last years show, it was just the lack of companionship both in rehearsals and backstage that I found to be somewhat unscouting.

So lost of new stuff happening, and lots to keep me busy too. Oh I’m planning on participating in NaBloPoMo in November, so watch out for lots of randomness as I get my blogging fingers into gear in preparation.

It’s That time again

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Yes it’s the middle of September already, which means I am heading back to university next week. Technically the semester has already started but seeing as the first week is purely for the benefit of the freshers and international students and there are no Classes yet, I say it’s still the holidays.

So what am I doing with my last week of freedom before I begin 12 weeks of classes interspersed with coursework deadlines, and exams at Christmas time? Well I’m trying to get everything else in my life in order. To this end I have spent the last two days running around slightly mental. I have sorted out my bank account (they had decided I was a Graduate when I’m only going into 3rd year of University) so that my rent is paid on time. I have been to see the University Disability Advisor to get my specific requirements put into place for the start of term. I have been to see about my entitlement to benefits and to get some forms regarding this filled in.

So on Monday at 9am I start the academic year. This is it the big one, the grades I get this year will determine my Degree Classification. They will also determine whether I get to peruse my dream. I’m going to start applying for Postgraduate Primary teaching in the next few months,¬† and the universities where I apply will want to know my projected grades for this year. I really need to get working right from the start of this year. I need to concentrate and get it all done to the very best of my ability. So I’m telling myself here and now that I CAN do it.

I have a busy and difficult year ahead, but I WILL make it through to the end. I need to keep up my determination to succeed this time and not let myself become bogged down in the minutiae of everyday life and minor failings. If any of you my dear readers catch me throwing a pity party between now and Christmas, please send me back here, and ask me how far I have come form this point. Ask me how much i have learned and how i have put it to use. Because from now on I want to have a Positive Mental Attitude.

On looking Forwards.

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So it’s September, and almost time for me to head back to another year of studying.

it is almost surprising that just 2 weeks ago I still did not know for certain that I would be able to continue my studies this year. I had to endure the resit essays of doom back in August, which coincided nicely with my mum spending two weeks in hospital* followed closely by the agonising wait for results. When the results did finally appear I knew I had a place in third year, but I did not know if I would have to repeat of “Carry” one of the modules. Fast forward another week of agonising waiting and I finally received the confirmation that I could register for 3rd year, and not have to retake any modules.

So On Monday I was finally allowed to matriculate and choose my modules for the coming year. I think I have chosen well, all the subjects I have elected to study sound interesting and potentially useful, which is a good start, although time will tell as to wheter the lecturers are as accommodating as I have almost become accustomed to them being.

I am however still awaiting confirmation of the status of my student funding. SAAS (the Students Awards Agency for Scotland) are notoriously difficult to get a hold of on the telephone. I was awake at 8.20am this morning ad still was told that there were too many callers waiting in the queue.

So near and yet so far, I just need to jump this last hurdle, this last hoop and then I will be safe. well for a month or so at least, and then I have to start the Postgraduate application procedure. Yes in Third year, I’m not sure if it is common knowledge or not but customarily Degrees in Scotland last 4 years, with the final year being for the most part devoted to an honours project. Now I have seen many friends go through this and dissertating does NOT sound like something I would enjoy, so instead I am applying 1 year early for a place on a Postgraduate Primary Teaching course (PGCE) in the hopes that I will of course (with my oodles of experience and enthusiasm) be offered a place. Of course if I am unsuccessful, then I can always dissertate and try again.

So much excitement and much for me to think about. but alas my alarm is set for 8.20 again in the vague hopes that I can at least speak to a human being from student finance and get some information**

*my mum had a burst aneurysm in her brain. She is feeling much better and has been out of hospital for around a month. Scary times though, and I couldn’t visit as I was essaying franticly, and she was on the other side of the country.

**normally when you phone and it is too busy you get the following message “as our queue has a number of callers already waiting we request that you try again later. Alternatively have you tried our website?” no ringing or anything, just that message, and then they hang up. the website is of course, rather devoid of useful information.

On being rather busy

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So yea verily h2g2 which you may have head about a few months ago has now been saved, and this means lots of work by a hive of volunteers of which I am one.

i also have my resit essays to do by the beginning of August, although mid July would be preferable as getting them done by then would mean I have time for travel.

oh yes and packing to move, and making presents for those who have birthdays and sorting out funds and benifits.

I am very busy, is it just me who finds that the more I have to get done, the less I actually do?

Oh well I had best stop wandering aimlessly round the internet and get on with something.

On happy thoughts

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So S and I have been flat hunting for the past few weeks for somewhere to rent come July and yesterday we found one that we are more than happy with. So this morning we got up early and went and paid the first part of the deposit.

Apparently I have to not get too far ahead of myself and start packing or doing anything silly like making lists of stuff we might need, will need and definitely need for the flat or heaven forbid actually buy anything in advance. This is mostly because it’s only march (nearly April) and we wont get into the flat until August which is 5 months from now.

I am excited to be starting a new chapter in out lives together though. Hopefully it will be a fun one.

Oh and if you are wondering the flat is Beautiful, and close to everything. It even has a dining table!

On Volunteering

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I have done a lot of volunteering in my life. I started it all when I turned 14 and became a Young Leader in a Brownie pack, I continued in this role for almost 4 years, only stopping because I moved away from home. I was also a Volunteer sports coach and I ran a club for younger children my final year of Secondary School.

A year after leaving school I began volunteering again, I found a Scout group and began helping out with Cubs for almost a year, I also helped out a LOT at church with the stage setup and packdown and also on the Welcome team.

Then I moved again, found another Scout group within a year and also a Red cross shop.

So why with all this experience do I seriously struggle to find paid employment, Why is volunteering seen as pointless by employers. Shouldn’t doing something for the love of doing it rather than for money show that a prospective employee has Skilz and Passion?

I really love volunteering, but I must have racked up hundreds of hours worth over the last 8 years. Surely that is worth something in the workplace?

On Scouting

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Tomorrow is February 22nd, an important day in Scouting History. It is Founders day. Lord Baden Powell celebrated his birthday on this day and so Scouting continues to celebrate his birthday and that of Lady Baden Powell who founded the Guiding association.

When were were schoolchildren my friends and I would turn up on the 22nd in our Brownie or Cub uniforms. I Might take it upon myself to wear my Scouts neckerchief or maybe even my camp blanket to university. And I would probably get some funny looks.

It wouldn’t bother me though, I am proud to be part of the worldwide Scouting and Guiding family, I love giving back to something I loved as a child, and I love making new friends and trying new adventures, and watching my Cubs and Scouts do the same. Almost every country worldwide has some form of Scout movement. I’m sure most of my readers will have been a member of Scouting or guiding at some point in their lives.

Why not leave me a comment telling me what you enjoyed, and et’s all share memories of happy Scouting times.

On Spring cleaning

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So today I have had some time to myself and have been trying to use it productively. I decided my bedroom was in serious need of some Spring Cleaning, I still have Christmas presents to find homes for (and others still to deliver) and my wardrobe is in SERIOUS need of downsizing.

So far I have managed to reclaim my floor but as a result my desk looks like this messy desksorry the photo is fuzzy, the camera on my phone dislikes me.

My next task is to (try) and get it to a stage where I can sit both my laptop and my printer on the desk and still have space for the odds and ends I accumulate (hair bobbles, glasses, loose change etc) and for a stack of post-its and a couple of pens.

It might take a few tries, but I’m game. Will post pictures if my venture is fruitful.

On the ‘disposal’ of h2g2

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The BBC announced earlier this week that they are cutting their online budget by 25% and as such need to close several of it’s community messageboards for example 606 the sports chat site. One site which has escaped closure is h2g2 brainchild of the late Douglas Adams. As h2g2 existed prior to the BBC takeover in January 2001 the site is to be ‘disposed of’. Nick Reynolds head of BBc online was the unfortunate member of staff who had to break the news to the community, He commented that the community as a whole had taken the news onboard in a very adult and considered manner.

A community consortium has been set up and is considering the future of the site, it is not yet known who any prospective buyers of the site may be but the community holds a mostly positive attitude about it’s future, even running¬† a #saveh2g2 campaign on twitter.