On being rather busy

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So yea verily h2g2 which you may have head about a few months ago has now been saved, and this means lots of work by a hive of volunteers of which I am one.

i also have my resit essays to do by the beginning of August, although mid July would be preferable as getting them done by then would mean I have time for travel.

oh yes and packing to move, and making presents for those who have birthdays and sorting out funds and benifits.

I am very busy, is it just me who finds that the more I have to get done, the less I actually do?

Oh well I had best stop wandering aimlessly round the internet and get on with something.


On Fun

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Well that was an experience! I had enormous amounts of fun at the weekend and it was fantastic to see all my friends from h2g2. Wonderful internet weirdos that they are. London is insane, did you know that in some places they have three layers of trains running over each other, and then a road on top of that! It was certainly an experience.

For once in my life I decided it might be sensible to actually outright admit my vision problems and actually use my white cane. I’m glad I did, London is very busy even in the quieter bits, and I think had the rest of the group not been aware of my vision problems I would have been separated from them very easily. as it was i did not lose them, so all was well.

We explored some of the sights of London on foot and then proceeded to find the rest of the h2g2 researchers in the pub (well where else would you look) and much catching up was done. There was even a Quiz in which myself and a friend won second place (no we are not sure how we managed that, we honestly guessed half the answers) and obtained a book in the process.

It was all jolly good fun, and I even made it home in one piece although slightly sleep deprived.

And then i came back to earth with a large BUMP, my phone, the one I lost in March, had been being used by someone, and this someone had racked up a considerable amount of debt on it. So the police have been informed, the pone company is being useless (as expected) and I am now rather stressed.

Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

On Adventures.

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so tomorrow morning at 11 am I am off on my way to London to meet with some of my friends from h2g2 for a weekend of fun.

The essays were handed in on time, he exams aren’t till the 25th + 27th of this month. I finally have time to relax and have some fun.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, hopefully I will see some of you! 😉

On travel

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So it would appear that I’m off to meet up with some of my favourite internet weirdos again this spring.

Independent travel is something I have never been comfortable with. Yes I can happily and easily get the train from Dundee to Glasgow or Edinburgh on my own, and even catch a connecting train once I’m there, but that is only because I have done those journeys before and with help. One of the scariest prospects for me is losing the group that I’m travelling with, if this happens I stop right where I am and wait for them to find me. I don’t remember ever having been taught to do this, I think for me it is some sort of instinctive reaction.

Don’t get me wrong I love travelling, but new places and getting around in new places kinda scares me. I know that in new places especially I should actually *use* my white cane, but it rarely makes it out of my rucksack, if it is even in there.

I think my reluctance to admit my vision problems stems from my stubborn nature, and from the fact that when I do admit my vision problems I occasionally get treated as a bit of an idiot, a lower class citizen if you will. People assume that because I’m technically blind that I shouldn’t be travelling alone, or that I need looking after. Whereas if I don’t admit to my disability, I get treated normally, but (probably) get funny looks for squinting very closely at things.

So I have decide that in May in London I will be using my white cane and my favourite bunch of internet weirdos can feel free to tell me off if I don’t (you read the blog, I know who you are)

On what h2g2 means to me

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Many have tweeted, blogged and facebooked on this topic already, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring too.

I checked last night and I have been a member of h2g2 since 17th April 2007, nearly four years. I know for some that makes me sound like a relative newbie, but I think the fact that I have stuck with the site longer than anything else is testament to the brilliance of the place.

Take if you will a second to think about that word, brilliance. It literally means bright and shining, and yes I did mean it like that. h2g2 is bright both intellectually and in a warm fuzzy community glowy sense also.

I cannot as some can claim to have met the love of my life there, in fact he refuses to even join in despite having his own account, he doesn’t see the appeal of the place. I can however claim to have made lasting friendships, to have travelled to London (no mean feat for a visually impaired student with a fear of crowds) to meet some of my friends in person.

I have laughed out loud and side splittingly more than once, I have also mourned the loss of friends and helped others through grief, In my role as an Assistant Community Editor I have welcomed new members to the site and made them feel at home. I have written for the Edited Guide as well as contributing poetry to The Post h2g2’s own online newspaper. I also briefly helped pick entries for the UnderGuide, h2g2’s fiction section.

I think most established researchers will recognise my name by now and if they don’t then I blame 2legs, I also give him a hug too though, as actually he is a nice guy and without hootoo I wouldn’t know of him and his insanity.

So if you are interested in intellectual discussion, good factual and fictional writing and community and friendship why not come and see what it is like before the BBC sell it off to who knows what future.

On the ‘disposal’ of h2g2

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The BBC announced earlier this week that they are cutting their online budget by 25% and as such need to close several of it’s community messageboards for example 606 the sports chat site. One site which has escaped closure is h2g2 brainchild of the late Douglas Adams. As h2g2 existed prior to the BBC takeover in January 2001 the site is to be ‘disposed of’. Nick Reynolds head of BBc online was the unfortunate member of staff who had to break the news to the community, He commented that the community as a whole had taken the news onboard in a very adult and considered manner.

A community consortium has been set up and is considering the future of the site, it is not yet known who any prospective buyers of the site may be but the community holds a mostly positive attitude about it’s future, even running  a #saveh2g2 campaign on twitter.