Once more into the breach

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That’s it, I’m officially a 3rd year Psychology student!

I have actually had a pretty amazing first day back, firstly one of our lecturers decided that since the introductory session is only an hour long, we could turn up at 10am instead of 9am. Secondly so far (and I know it has only been two lectures) i haven’t had to argue with anybody about getting the slides for the class. In fact I haven’t even had to ask for them as I normally would. Lecturer1 gave them to me before I got round to getting out of my seat to go get them, and lecturer2 left them at the psychology reception desk for me to collect.

This is an amazing turn around. In my first year I had to practically beg for the lecture slides, I had to make a fuss and complain loudly and publicly. But this year, so far so good.

We are also bac into the scouting season, Lots of exciting thins planned, like next week we are practising some backwoods cooking. and in October we have the Jamboree On The Internet, which is always good fun. I have also applied to attend the biggest scouting event in Scotland The Blair Atholl Jamborette which doesn’t actually take place until next summer. I have taken on the pack administrator role in my Cub-Scout group, so I am now the one who has to be organised with printing out forms and getting information to parents etc. This is an important role, and one that I think I will learn lots from.

I am contemplating joining the cast of the Dundee Scout Gangshow again next year as some of my Scout Network friends have said they will join me this time. I did enjoy the onstage portion of last years show, it was just the lack of companionship both in rehearsals and backstage that I found to be somewhat unscouting.

So lost of new stuff happening, and lots to keep me busy too. Oh I’m planning on participating in NaBloPoMo in November, so watch out for lots of randomness as I get my blogging fingers into gear in preparation.


A question

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Hello is there anyone out there?

I ask because I need to know if there is any good reason to continue my ramblings here, on any given day I get 2 or 3 hits here so I know *someone* is out there, but none of my posts have earned a comment since May this year, it’s now August almost September 4 months ish. I know that during the summer my posting has been a little erratic due to circumstances but hopefully now that we are mostly settled in our new home complete with hot and cold running internet I should be able to add to my writings here more frequently. But I see no point in continuing if I only have a readership of 2, so if you are out there watching and listening, please comment. I do want to improve my writings, I want to be witty and charming and awesome, What do you want to read about?


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Yes this indeed my 42n’t posting here on this bloggy thing.

And yes I am still hopeless at it.

I’m not charming and witty, I cannot tell you cute baby stories or have you rolling around the floor amidst gales of laughter at my latest antics.

But I’m here, and for mow, that will need to be enough.

Now if you will excuse me I’m going to sit and look forlornly at the mountain of stuff that needs to be moved to Temporary Storage Area A within the next week, And look at my walls all bare without my posters and other detritus.

I’m probably not going to be around much for a while. So enjoy what is left of the summer.

On changing the clocks

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Since the clocks changed at the weekend I have been having very late nights. I’m not sure if this is because of merely the clock change, nor because of getting engrossed in reading blogs, playing games and mainly twatting about on t’internets. I have been a little up and down emotionally the past few days but i think it was mostly hormonal and seems to have calmed down now, which is good.

The Gangshow starts performance week on Monday next. I was given another singing solo at the rehearsal on Sunday. I was rather pleased even if it was somewhat unexpected.

The university term is drawing to an end and revision classes to round up topics that have been covered are commencing this week. We have already had one for Research Methods. I suppose I should get my revision head into gear. April brings exams, and also May. I have my two april eexams, and three in May although two of those are my resit exams from last semester.

It is all go at the moment. hence the slight lack of continuing bloggyness. I do *mean* to update the blog honest. I must try harder. But maybe once the exams are done.

On what h2g2 means to me

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Many have tweeted, blogged and facebooked on this topic already, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring too.

I checked last night and I have been a member of h2g2 since 17th April 2007, nearly four years. I know for some that makes me sound like a relative newbie, but I think the fact that I have stuck with the site longer than anything else is testament to the brilliance of the place.

Take if you will a second to think about that word, brilliance. It literally means bright and shining, and yes I did mean it like that. h2g2 is bright both intellectually and in a warm fuzzy community glowy sense also.

I cannot as some can claim to have met the love of my life there, in fact he refuses to even join in despite having his own account, he doesn’t see the appeal of the place. I can however claim to have made lasting friendships, to have travelled to London (no mean feat for a visually impaired student with a fear of crowds) to meet some of my friends in person.

I have laughed out loud and side splittingly more than once, I have also mourned the loss of friends and helped others through grief, In my role as an Assistant Community Editor I have welcomed new members to the site and made them feel at home. I have written for the Edited Guide as well as contributing poetry to The Post h2g2’s own online newspaper. I also briefly helped pick entries for the UnderGuide, h2g2’s fiction section.

I think most established researchers will recognise my name by now and if they don’t then I blame 2legs, I also give him a hug too though, as actually he is a nice guy and without hootoo I wouldn’t know of him and his insanity.

So if you are interested in intellectual discussion, good factual and fictional writing and community and friendship why not come and see what it is like before the BBC sell it off to who knows what future.


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It seems I can’t figure out how to blog from my phone. My flat was without internet last time I was up here so I couldn’t use my laptop, and S complains if I log myself into everything on his computer. So I apologise for the lack of updates the past two days. Now off to rehearsal and then here, or S’. Hmm left my meds there but i have some here too.